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Seizure First Aid. 

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IMPORTANT! I am in a dangerous situation!


Hey my name’s Reema and I’m a queer girl who’s also an atheist living in Qatar a country in the Arabian peninsula that mainly goes by the Sharia law currently, and in this country identifying as a queer atheist is punishable by death (see here and here ) what’s worse is my birthday is coming up soon and by Qatari law I am at the age of consent, and my family plans to forcefully make me marry one of my family members this year or the next one. I have told them many times that I am against that, but I can’t do much because by legal standards, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

My mother knows that I left islam and am against many of our traditions here but she still insists that this is the best way even if i don’t know what’s “best” for me now. I’m not allowed to work as well due to my mom thinking it’s unbecoming for a soon to be wife, so I can’t earn money here either.

I have opened a donation pool so I can afford a ticket to the US where I’ll be staying with my partner, and to pay for any necessary paperwork I’ll need to check once I’m there. I can’t disclose much about this situation because it might endanger me and my partner even more, but if you have any questions or tips (especially if you know a lot about LGBT rights for queer arabian women) or even a signal boost would be appreciated. PLEASE! Meeting a really close person to me and getting out of this dangerous and toxic environment is a matter of great importance to me! 

We’re already in the process of finishing the current necessary paperworks for me to get there and are currently in contact with immigration attorneys. The main plan is, I’m traveling with my family to England soon and there won’t be much monitoring on me there, and a friend of ours is willing to help me and let me stay at his place in Belgium if the situation calls for it, our main goal is to get from either England or Belgium to US as fast as possible without my family catching me. 

Here’s the donation pool link  and there’s a button in my description box too at my page.

Again please, any of support counts even if it’s a penny, a signal boost or just any useful information, if you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you!



Hello lovelies.  It’s finally come down to that time where I’m finally ready to take what is for me, the most important life changing step in my transition, which is SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) or what is also known as GRS (Genital Reconstruction Surgery).

I’m super excited to finally be able to start planing out this giant leap forward in my life!  My only issue is, like many many Transmen and Women,  scavenging up the funds to have the procedure is quite the struggle.   I don’t want to turn this into a sappy “The Feelz” message so I’ll not go into The Feelz!

I was quoted by Dr Suporn’s clinic 535000 Baht for the procedure, which is roughly $16,600 USD.  Give Forward takes 2.9% for themselves, which apparently can change. The reason I have $24,000 as my funding amount is to cover Airfare, food, and aftercare.

I really don’t like asking for help, but this is super crazy important to me!  Every single donation will help, and I’m also going to be putting money into my own fund as I can. 

Thank you very much for everyone’s support, and please please, spread, tweet, reblog, this! 

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hi um. this isn’t really a post that i want to make but im in a position where i don’t really have much of a choice anymore

the short version: i’m in an abusive, bigoted, unsafe environment living w/ my family and conditions have very drastically gotten worse to the point where my physical well-being is now at Extremely Significant Risk (there was going to be a long version but its very hard talking about my situation in depth let alone at all im sorry)

so if you’d like i’d really appreciate it if u could maybe donate a dollar or something to help me leave as fast as possible (i don’t really know how paypal works the website is very confusing, if u want to donate pls send me an ask and i will give u the email address i use for it im pretty sure that’s how u send ppl money but i really don’t know)

i don’t have a lot to offer right now, i’m not in a good place at the moment and i’m not in a position to do any commissioned work

i normally do 3d animation, watercolour illustration, and propmaking

i dont have any examples on hand right now bc a lot were lost or destroyed during kind of bad things that happened but if u donate i’ll try to make you something i don’t really know what or when i’ll be able to send it to you but i promise i’ll give u something in return okay

if you’re interested i’m selling off the majority of everything i own, i’ll make a post later when im more coherent that’s specific as to the items i’m selling but it’s a lot of stuff including several framed prints, a bunch of posters, books, an xbox 360 elite and a library of games and like four controllers - u can send an ask and we can work something out

also, i kind of don’t actually have a set place to go to when i leave, i sort of only have one option and i don’t know if it’ll work out especially since im leaving immediately

if anyone is looking for a roommate in the continental us i’m a v quiet trans girl and i keep to myself and don’t eat much and im good at cleaning

i wouldn’t ask but i’m mentally ill and living alone is kind of a non option for me

im sorry this all sort of happened very suddenly today im still not in a v good position mentally and its hard being totally coherent i really dont want to make this post but i dont really have much of a choice at this point

thank u for reading this and maybe consider reblogging it so other ppl can see it if u cant donate or buy anything but u dont have to ok

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tears. i can’t wait to watch the whole thing.


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This is my mom’s friend, Noemi Gonzalez (54 years old) who has been missing since February 12th, 2014. She suffers from epilepsy (seizures) and cardiogenic syndrome which is a serious heart defect that can lead to heart failure. She has no known mental illnesses. She was last seen on 2/12/14 at 2:00am by her son. She doesn’t have her car keys, cell phone, or wallet which her family says she would never leave home without and they haven’t had any contact with her whatsoever since shes been missing!! Obviously it’s not very good that she’s been missing for three weeks and I was just told this a couple days ago. Please reblog this and help spread the word around, it takes one second to reblog and hopefully Noemi will be found!! Thank you, guys! :) 

Here are some articles about her: (x) (x) (x) (x)


I came across this link on Craigslist, and essentially, we have someone here who loves their two dogs very much (a senior husky and what appears to be a beagle mix), but they’re in a tough situation. They need a temporary foster, maybe a month or so, for these two….


The Best Practices Policy Project, the Desiree Alliance and Global Action for Trans* Equality are calling for US-wide and international action on March 14, 2014 to support Monica Jones’ campaign for the rights of transgender people and sex workers.

Monica Jones, a human rights defender in Arizona and an advocate for the rights of transgender people and sex workers, was profiled and wrongfully arrested for “manifestation of prostitution” by a police sting operation and anti-prostitution diversion program known as “Project ROSE”. Ms Jones had been a speaker at a rally protesting Project ROSE—which is run by Phoenix police and Arizona State University’s School of Social Work—the day before. At the time of her arrest, she was not engaging in sex work, but was in fact walking down her street to the local bar.

On March 14 at 8.30 am (US Mountain Standard Time) Monica’s case will go to trial at Phoenix Municipal Court. She will plead not guilty and an action is planned outside the court to show the City of Phoenix Prosecutor that we won’t tolerate the systematic profiling and criminalization of transgender people of color and sex workers. Simultaneously on March 14, two sex worker rights advocates will be at the United Nations in Geneva to bring international attention to Monica’s trial and the ongoing human rights violations occurring in Phoenix and across the United States.”

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Monica Jones, a trans activist and sex worker rights advocate in Arizona, was profiled and wrongfully arrested as part of an anti-prostitution diversion program in Phoenix. She was not engaging in sex work, but was in fact walking down her street to the local bar the night she was arrested.  As a transgender woman of color, Monica Jones has been routinely targeted and singled out for police harassment.

Monica Jones, a trans activist and sex worker rights advocate in Arizona, was profiled and wrongfully arrested as part of an anti-prostitution diversion program in Phoenix. She was not engaging in sex work, but was in fact walking down her street to the local bar the night she was arrested.  As a transgender woman of color, Monica Jones has been routinely targeted and singled out for police harassment.